Friday night I hung out with Jmzz, Kira, Jeneefuh and Cassie. Jmzz and Nifa and I all ate pills before going out, it was very Jacqueline Susann. We went to the new Pantyhos Party to see JD from Le Tigre DJ. I wore my new huge red Grace Jones t-shirt and we all shook it. I love lesbian dance parties. Can I just say? Pantyhos is always so much fun because those. girls. fucking. bring. it. Kind of unreal. Went with JMZZ to Sugarland afterward. I managed to stay awake all night, thanks. Spent Saturday lounging around and having feelings, "working" on my "projects".

came over in the evening and we got groovy and dressed up. We went to the opening for the incredible fabulous Carolee Schneeman show at PPOW Gallery. The mature art-world ladies we encountered completely blew our minds with their fashion sense. Laz and I almost missed the, um, art. To give some indication, when we arrived at the gallery, the coat rack was full of jackets. And they were all leopard-print pea coats. We couldn't contain ourselves, and I had to very sneakily take photos with my camera.

Our favorite outfit is the partially-obscured woman on the far left. You can barely see it, but she's wearing a pointed black felt cap with a small black string puff on top. This, with a baby mini backpack, velvet harem pants tucked into black suede Uggs. Laz was moved to speak to speak to her, and pulled her aside to tell her how much we love her hat. She said she's been wearing it for six years and she sort of has to now because people expect it, and it makes her easy to spot in a crowd because she's short. She gestured to me and said "You, on the other hand, don't need a hat. Because you're tall." Very true. This woman was friends with the other Most Stylish Ladies, they're in a gang. Laz and I very much wanted to follow them to wherever the Best Dressed Ladies go for drinks, but we were too shy.

We spoke briefly with Ms. Carolee herself, Laz sort of knew her from a few years ago. She was very busy but also very sweet. He asked her about a show she had done a few years ago, if she remembered the crew she worked with or something, and she blithely replied "No, no. I don't remember anything more than five years ago." Pretty badass.

We went out to dinner at my new favorite restaurant Foodswings, then went to Sister Pico's house. There we found Lola, Chantal and Paps and we listened to Portishead and played 'Exquisite Corpse'. Laz, Pico and I went out to the Metropolitan, where we all agreed the fashion was definitely less exciting. Oh well.

Sunday I went to the fabulous PS1 opening. Obviously the Kenneth Anger exhibit is worth seeing. It was very seedy, cruisy, and nice. The Jonathan Horowitz exhibit was insane. I went through it three times. There's a video installation of the jumping-on-beds-singing-into-hairbrushes "Aint No Mountain High Enough" scene of Stepmother with Susan Sarandon juxtaposed with footage of Ashford & Simpson singing the song. I watched the video cycle through, like, six times, before I ultimately had to leave the exhibit because I started tearing up. Fucking Susan Sarandon. I can't stop. Laz is obsessed with her, they are meant to be friends. Bobo and I stayed in and watched the Oscars. Slept like babies.

Monday is difficult, yes. My parents are coming into town in April, they've just informed me. But they're coming at the absolute worst possible time, when I'll be up to my neck in rehearsals for The Play. Hopefully we can figure out some time for them to take me out to dinner. Yikes.


Please come.

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i want a huge red grace jones sweater

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