Giving Her A Fade

Saturday I hung out with Sister Pico, who dyed her hair blond, and then my buddy Marcus. He's studying in school to be a psychoanalyst. Very difficult thinking. I played a show at Europa Cafe with La La Vek, Taiysha Busay, and Todosantos. It was pretty amazing. LaLaVek did a really sweet set, sort of emo (for him) and did a really cool remix of Kathleen Hanna's "I Wish I Was Him". I am plainly in awe of Tayisha Busay, enthralled by the dancers, I can't stop. It was insane. Todosantos I hadn't heard of before, but they did this crazy live video mixing and had this weird ind of jungle music / digital hardcore thing. And the lead singer was such a babe. I had been nervous about the show, I figured the bad energy from Retrograde Mercury, which I blame for my stolen wallet (among other grievances) would affect my performance. I picked out a nice outfit involving feathers and this weird white cloth thing that Terrence Koh once gave out at an opening. I felt very Stevie Nicks and I think that came across onstage. I managed to completely obscure Jiddy for the duration of the performance. I'm sorry.

Also on Saturday night was a really cool art show at Monkeytown. I didn't go, but I was in it. Ruthie Doyle filmed me dancing in my room last summer, and managed to capture a pretty good representation of my "vibe", so to speak. The song is "Morning Sun" by Pash(ly), which is definitely one of my favorite songs ever. So it was featured in a really amazing art show, which was then
featured on Vice Magazine's website? Weird, huh? Anyways, you can see the video I'm in below:

Max (from the "eau de Bedroom Dancing" series) from Ruthie Doyle on Vimeo.

So I lost my wallet on Friday night and while I have an old wallet to use while I'm in the process of replacing everything, I want a new wallet. Specifically,
I want a Comme des Garçons zip-around wallet. I want it in black, or red, or blue, or green, or holographic animal print. I don't care. They're expensive (for me), so it's a real case of buying the wallet and then having nothing to put into the wallet. But I want one so badly. La JohnJoseph and Brad Walsh both write on their blogs about expensive fashionable things they want, and sometimes they get them. I know it's maybe a little bit bratty but if anyone reading this wants to give me one I'll tell you how. Thanks. Preferably in black, though. Thanks.

Last night Jiddy was over and after we played sega genesis and cooked delicious vegan mexican food dinner (I'm a home-maker), she spotted a mouse, in my kitchen, running towards me. I yelled at it and it went away. Hopefully forever. I know how unlikely this is. Just after I found out I lost my wallet on Saturday morning, I ran outside to where the taxi had dropped me off to look for it. No luck, I then got my mail and found a $200 medical bill, which I am unable to pay for a number of reasons, the leats of which being my bank account is currently frozen. Yes. Okay.

Also, finally, if you're in NYC and read the free gay glossy weekly magazines, you may notice that
I wrote the cover story for this week's HX Magazine, on Kylie Minogue's new remix album. Check it out!

Love for everyone.
I'm trying really hard to stay positive.
(It would be easier if someone was anonymously sending me couture wallets, kthnxbye).

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