I Love Haikal Noyes

Maybe everyone didn't have this experience, but my generation came of age right as the internet became really accessible. So the idea of having an internet boyfriend or something was possible. My Close Personal Friend and frequent collaborator Dan Fishback speaks a lot about the idea of the internet boyfriend in his work. It's been years since I had an online crush on anyone, since real life (or, what passes for "real") keeps me more than occupied.

That all being said, I came across the blog of Haikal Noyes recently, and I think that I am in love.

He is doing a blog project to take one photo of himself every day. These are probably not safe for work, depending on what your job is. I don't even know if Haikal is his real name or not but it doesn't matter. He is very cute and smart and sexy. If you know me at all, you know that I am obsessed with leaving America and going to Berlin, where Haikal lives. I don't know almost anything about him except that he is obviously the cutest boy ever, and is one year younger than me (he's 23, I'm 24 and a half). He's a HUGE Kate Bush fan, and you know what that means. Boys that are into Kate Bush are either junkies or super kinky (But never both-- junkies can't get erections, everyone knows this). Y'know who else is a big Kate Bush fan and is NOT a junkie (and this means that I am calling him super kinky)? LAZARUS. And though he acts like a "sweet boy", we all know that Laz is a particular casanova. I think that Haikal probably is too.

He's also a big fan of the TV show Friends which for some reason is a really big turn-on for me. He could be a fan of any TV show, though, and I would be writing it down here and calling it a turn-on. But seriously, I would love to watch friends and cuddle with Haikal and talk about photography while he explains German public transportation to me. Jeez.

Also, I don't know if he speaks a ton of English. His blog is written in it but it's mostly Kate Bush lyrics. Elsewhere on the internet he writes only in German. That sounds great to me, I want to learn German because I want to go live over there. Here's a cute video of him reading a poem in German and I have no idea what it means but it doesn't matter because we all speak the language of love, yes?

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Haikal Noyes said...

i am too shy to express how flattered i feel.

Haikal Noyes is actually not my birth given name, i am working on my english and there is barely one day passing by without me watching at least one episode of friende (that's actually where i learned english from as the german dubbing is just horrible).