Internet Christmas

I treat the internet like Santa Claus. I'll just ask for what I want. Maybe someone who can make it happen will read this.

I still want a Comme Des Garcons wallet. Please.

Also, the new thing: I DECIDED I AM IN LOVE WITH JAMES KALIARDOS. But I don't think he would go for me. His ex boyfriend is Nicola Ghesqiuere. I can't beat that. But I'm alright! I'm nice! I'm a really good boyfriend! And I think James is so cute. So if someone reading this could make this happen, that'd be great.

Both of these things relate to the fashion world, actually. Not to be a super brat, but they could happen together. Like, I dunno. Someone go tell James Kaliardos I wanna marry him and that he should bring me that fucking CDG wallet. Okay.

I'm gonna go read a book.

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