Money / The Apocalypse

My horoscope said I should cast a love spell on myself. That sounds about right, but it's still a little scary. Like, I know I need to change some of my situation, I get that. I understand the work that needs to be done. Everything is already put into piles and boxes marked "give-away", my love life is a serious giveaway pile. I know what I need to get rid of and what I need to make room for. I just need to, you know, get the shit out of my apartment. And I'm working on it. Slowly. Last night Lazarus (new nickname: MEGADEATH or just MEGA or just DEATH for short) slept at our house. He interns at the same office space as me. Dan is also working with me today. Buddies at work. Love. I ate cereal before I left the house but I was still ravished when Laz-Mega and I were walking to work so I ate a donut. I don't regret it, it was a good donut.

Speaking of good donuts and
Dan, buddy Dan is featured in Time Out New York's annual DATE THESE NEW YORKERS article, and his pretty little face is on the cover of the magazine. He's about to get so ridiculously laid.

I was go-go dancing at QxBxRx on Saturday and I spoke with this cute reporter guy while I was in the bathroom line. We were talking about gays and the recession, and he tape recorded some choice quotes from me. Typically drunk, "political", topical and tropical. So now I'm quoted in today's New York Observer article about Gays and the Recession. I feel alright with the fact that I am in print saying the words "Fuck Prop 8!" but I'm more than a little disappointed that he didn't use my (very eloquent, I thought) quotes about the coming Apocalypse in 2012 as a reason not to get too worried about the recession. It's just around the corner, people. And though I was particualrly drunk during our little chat (I'm a go-go boy, it's part of my job, I'm a professional), I clearly recall telling the reporter, with regards to the Apocalypse, "It Can't Come Soon Enough!" The papes, as they say. Commenters on the NY Observer site think I'm an idiot and they're right. But the real treat about this is that I've (finally) been mocked on Gawker. That is wonderful, they refer to me as a twink. There aren't any photos in the NYO article so they must have somehow just divined the fact that I am a twink from my quote. The photo at the left is me dancing and carrying on on saturday night, by Keith Greiger. This is also cool because having anonymous people make snarky comments about quotes from me taken out of context is another thing, now that Lily Allen and I have in common. Just saying.

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