Rubber and Glue Maidenhead

  • I've arrived at the sad conclusion best summed in the metaphor that I am Madonna and you are Sean Penn and it's the early 1990s. I'm drinking Evian out of a crystal wine glass and talking about you to a room full of starving faggots. They wrote one song about you but Sonic Youth did a whole album about me.
  • Tell your friend her hair looks really stupid like that.
  • And thank god for tea tree oil. God I hope it doesn't get banned, in Europe or anywhere. And I hope it works.
  • Saw the mouse again last night.
  • On Sunday I had the most intense craving for meat. I'm treating the craving as I would a dream: what does it mean?
  • Remaining optimistic. Methodical, slow, deep, and sexy. Like this:

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