Turning Four-Leaf Clover

What can you say about Kim Gordon? She is an unwilling icon. Right? Seems like she doesn't really care about a certain patina of glamor / glitz. But then again, when asked about the high point of her year, it involved performing in a Rodarte dress. So there's, like, some stuff going on, but she doesn't even need to elaborate. She's so cool. She makes being taciturn and not giving it all up seem so cool.

On the other hand I am much more aesthetically aligned with Kathleen Hanna in this (and every) video. This thing is so smart. It's like banking on our reading of the two women whispering to each other, then commenting on the fact that we're projecting super hard onto that image. Kim Gordon is such a genius, she's totally aware of what's happening all the time. She controls the fantasy, I think. And, you know, Kathleen Hanna got all this shit for being in this video, apparently, but she doesn't care. And I don't care-- I think it's great that she's in this video, I think it's a perfect match. If my life were this video I would be Kathleen and I would also be Kim.

I can't wait for tonight. And I have NO CLUE what I'm even doing yet.

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