Jong thoughts. Girl thoughts. Feel a little guilty for lumping all the inspirational women into this pool I don't think they would want their ideas associated with one another's, maybe. But this is the internet!

Apoplectic, right? Indignant. How to counter someone else's shock? You don't. Toni Morrison said (let's see how much how many I can cram in here, okay kids): "I can't be the doctor and the patient." So thinking about Anaïs Nin for the first time since high school. Sort of the balm of the self. We can and do make ourselves and each other better by working when we feel down. We know that it is risky and that it is 'scary' and humiliating but one spark spurs on another, right? "How to defeat this tragedy...?" Anaïs asks, then answers "Make Literature". Now I'm not gonna write a book or anything, but I always think it's a nice idea. Someone sees you being scared, you know. Someone sees you giving someone else permission.

Kiki Smith: giving permission, right?

"Maybe they'll realize, if she's getting away with it, maybe I can totally get away with this thing that I think is better." -- Kathleen Hanna


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is fear of flying good? it's one of my next reads.

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