I am the Sun. I am the New Year. I am going home.

Today is the start of an astrological new aear. I think it's appropriate that it was snowing this morning. Like a reminder of where we've been and where we will go back. Oh yeah, don't forget it snows sometimes. Don't get, as Justin Bond famously says, too comfortable. I definitely feel like I could use a New Year. My favorite part of anything, especially writing, is the punctuation. Astrology and the concept of a NEW YEAR feel like punctuation to me. It organizes, contains as in a system or structure, but ultimately serves (when I'm doing it) as decoration. Lovely, lovely, lovely. So I feel cautious and scared and really burnt out from too much worrying and everyone making me their mom. Bring on the new year again and bring on the semicolons and parentheses, put it away.

I had this horrible temp job two summers ago. It was on the Upper East Side, 10 blocks from the nearest subway station, and I had to wear a suit and tie every day. I would come into work at 9am drenched in sweat and feeling disgusting. I was horribly depressed about my life and was getting scarily into Janis Joplin. In the secretary pool where I was stationed was a chatty Canadian assistant, another temp, like me, but a lifer, someone who's put on "long-term" temp status forever. She was really into house music, that was my favorite thing about her. I remember coming into work to find that not only had I fucked up the office supply order by buying the wrong size manila folders, but I had managed to buy 10 giant crates of the wrong sized manila folders. I was upset. She said "Max, You can restart your day at any point!" I thought that was so insensitive, so dismissive. But now I'm kind of into it.

The thing about deciding on an end point is the guilty of deciding when to do it. I can cleave the last 12 months away-- take 'em, I don't need the pain. The Sun moves into Aries today. This is exciting and dangerous. I guess knowing it takes some of the danger out, thank god. Something along the lines of "I am getting ready for unanticipated decisions, I am carefully meditating on my recklessness". Every one of the 11 horoscopes I read today all tell me something along the lines of how I need to get my money together, how I need to get my love life together, how obsessed I've been with feeling bad and I just need to get on with it. Okay. That makes sense. There is also a theme of forgiving, starting anew. I think this is appealing to a lot of us, especially Leos. Especially if you're a Leo like our gorgeous president and you said something stupid on TV last night.

New Year! Do-Over!

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pretty random fiesta said...

As a fellow leo, I know it's good to observe the birthdays of the hot men having birthdays while the sun is in aries and jumping on it.

P.s. here is the gayscope for us today I was looking up

Daily GayScope: March 20, 2009
July 23-August 22
You may be proud of the sexy results of your new health regimen, but don't throw it in people's faces today. Wear something low key if socializing tonight. A tight wife beater and skimpy biker shorts won't have the effect you'll hope for.

Happy Equinox Max, things are going to look up for leo's with the new season.