New Moon

Richert, love of my life, made this really amazing video for QxBxRx. He shot it at the anniversary party recently and I think it's pretty cool and I like how I look in it. (Is that conceited to say? Do I care?). It's from his new exciting sexxxy new project Dark Room. It is absolutely, gloriously Not Safe For Work.

Anyways: the video below IS safe for work (pretty much-- everyone loves butts) and is so PRETTY!

What's really getting to me today (lately) is how fucking DESCRIPTIVE everyone's being. This whole thing of wanting to "relay an experience". I feel so overwhelmed from everyone else's experiences that I don't want to have any myself, really. Which is just as well, I guess. Because I don't know how descriptive I feel like being.

Okay. It's sometimes really helpful to remember the universal propriety of our emotions. Like "God I feel so freaked out right now I must be crazy." This is how I often process things; "...I must be crazy." In fact I am not crazy, not really. Being freaked out is the appropriate response. I am right on time. I am perfectly on cue and just fine the way exactly the way I am. And "the way I am" involves a substantial amount of freaking out, and I'm doing that today. Hopefully I won't have to do it again tomorrow. Stay positive! Think big!

On the plus side I feel like I look really cute today even though I'm so incredibly tired. Maybe it's not working for anyone else, but I think I look cute and that's the only opinion that really matters.

God, I'm starving.

Went out last night with Sister Pico and Patrick the Witch to a new party in the LES. Met Lazarus and Jiddy there. Chatted up cute boy but had to beg off and leave early cause of work today. Work today will end, for me, at 3am, then start up again at noon on Saturday. Seriously. I'm such a fucking professional.

I sort of feel like if the Apocalypse came today, that would be fine with me. As long as I get lunch first. In fact, if I could get some indication that the Apocalypse was actually happening today (preferably this afternoon, 4:20 would be more than appropriate) then I would go and eat a really big expensive lunch, without guilt.

But for better or worse, we all know that the Apocalypse isn't coming until 2012.

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