Company Keeping

I was sitting with Sister Pico at the coffee shop on Metropolitan avenue this past winter. I had just lost my wallet the night before and we were spending the afternoon people-watching in Brooklyn. You know. Lady afternoons talking shit. I was taking some slight schadenfreude-ish pleasure in the fact that a guy who had hurt my feelings had really unattractive friends and how that takes some of the sting out, for me. We noticed, or admitted, really, that we're too shallow to have real meaningful friendships with unattractive people. All of my friends really are Beautiful People.

Now, I've known and spoken often of how attractive my friend Meli Darko is. She is my best friend Bobo's childhood homegirl, and together they are some of the most beautiful girls I have ever seen. Our friend Ronald took these photos of Meli, and I am completely fucking blown away and want to show them to you.

Photos by Ronald Riqueros.

Below is a photo that Bobo took of our close personal friend and my artistic collaborator and back-up dancer Jiddy.

Oh, Mommy.

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Pen Pen said...

WOW- amazing pics! --and the first one is so Glitter-tastic!!!