God remember the time P corrected Jil's grammar? at the party on the roof-top, for memorial day, I think. Yeah we were all eating a lot, it was a party. P was talking to Jil about something, I dunno, about work or graduate school or something and Jil responded in some weird way. Like, Jil used a verb as a noun or something? Something along the lines of like "Yeah working at the bank is like a really intense environment, it's really... I dunno, RUSH-y, you know? Everyone's in such a rush". Something really easy and whatever. And P who is so anal about everything cause I dunno she's insecure or something, said "Wow, you use words in really... interesting... ways. Oh, i think it's because you're a dancer..." like sort of calling Jil illiterate even though she knew exactly what Jil mean. I thought that was so mean.

I remember that was almost exactly a year ago and it was also the first day of mercury retrograde and it was also when our landlords called to raise our rent (we renegotiated it-- mercury retrograde) but I was so nervous at the party about having to move that I started eating a lot and Jil pulled me aside and said "Billy, just cause your rent is going up that's no reason to give yourself indigestion" and I thought that was really mean, then sweet. and true.

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