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I posted an entry over at the Birdsong blog, about the history of me and Bobo's senior-year-of-college newsletter, NOMENCLATURE

I've been really bumming lately because I'm not making enough progress on my Life Goals. My Life Goal is to go to Berlin. That's it. That should be easy but I can't get there. Is anyone in Berlin reading this? Please write me if so. I'm gonna start using this blog to complain about how much I wanna go to Berlin, like, a lot. Just FYI.

This weekend I'm super excited to be go-go dancing at my favorite party in NYC: QxBxRx
I am especially double triple excited because the headline act of this fabulous evening is none other than California's own YOUNGER LOVERS which is maybe my favorite new band, the brainchild of, of course, BRONTEZ. I know all the words to all the songs and I am so, so excited that they're coming! I can hardly contain myself. I think I should start drinking alcohol now to get my tolerance up because I've been such a fucking lightweight recently and I don't want to end up puking while I'm go-go dancing (though how hilarious would that be?). Come on down on Saturday night and see if I toss my cookies!

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Amelia said...

woah thats my life goal. that i randomly talk about on my blogger. weird. you should work on taking a class somewhere while there, all of the paperwork and such is easier if youre a student.