Obscene and Pornographic Art

Everything about this image (including what it signifies and the album it represents) makes me feel liberated, empowered, intellectual, radical, feminist, witty and sexy. All in that one picture. That means it's Good Art because it accomplishes a lot.

Boy, did I ever wear the wrong shoes for today. I never dress for the weather.
The video for the title song off this record is trippy and great:

Gawd, doesn't Ann Magnuson make you want to clean your apartment and buy a bunch of Patsy Cline records and jars and jars of nail polish and make a big bowl of punch and have a party and invite her over so you could just gab all night? Jeez. It's only 10:30am and I am full-on lezzing out. She is so effing cute! And hilarious! Fuck.

Seriously, Annie. You need to stop already.

(Photo by the divine Amy Arbus)

Of course, if I were to psychoanalyze myself, which I'm really good at, I could easily tell you that my gushing over any ginger-haired genius, any freckle-faced downtown diva, any true glamour girl of the gutter, is really just my subconscious rearing it's foggy head in my utter and undying (i typed "UNDRYING" there-- which i think is appropriate) admiration for Thee Inexcusable La John Joseph.


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