On Fire

So the other day I was blogging about Jeffery and Cole's new show JEFFERY AND COLE CASSEROLE. Logo has posted some preview clips of the first episode, so I am reproducing them here for your enjoyment:

Aren't they just the fucking cutest? Here's the "Prom Date" scene in which I play Becky.

Jeffery and Cole are also nominated for a Logo NewNowNext Award. Please go vote for them!

I was having the absolute worst day today (for no particular reason) and then my boss asked me if I wanted a cookie, cause he was going out to get himself a cookie. I demurred but he either misheard me or somehow divined my very real, very shameful need for a cookie and brought me back a nice big fresh NYC black and white cookie and that has made all the difference, really. I'm going out on a date tonight and I think I look pretty cute.

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