Last night Sister Pico and I went to go see Justin Bond perform her Rites of Spring at Joe's Pub. It is also to celebrate the release of her new EP, Pink Slip, which was recorded live at Le Poisson Rouge a few months back and I remember that show well. I sort of feel like I can't write on my blog about Justin Bond, it seems sort of too obvious and there is kind too much a lot to say. I remember listening to Justin's work when I was a high-schooler in California and it meaning something to me. Moving to NYC and seeing her perform and getting to say hello to her when I pass her on the street has been a distinct honor and privilege and definitely one of the things that let's me know how fabulous and glamoroous my life is. Again and again I keep digging up this one quote from the New York Times from like four years ago about art and artists, in which someone speaking about Kiki Smith said "great artists give other artists permission" and to the extent that I consider myself or my friends artists (I mean, we are), I see Justin Bond as a lodestone of inspiration and permission. The show at Joe's Pub was incredible. I feel like a better person for having seen it. My boy-genius and, yes, TWINK friend Dan Fishback often says, and I am inclined to agree, "Seeing Justin Bond perform is like going to Gay Church". And I need to go to church.

Here's another photo of Mxr Justin Bond, along with a lovely dame you might know called Ana Matronic of the Scissor Sisters. Standing front and center is, of course, a vintage shot of La JohnJoseph. This photo was taken by Liz Liguori and I particularly like it because it has to do with me. I was hanging out with La JJ one day when his former room mate Earl Dax invited him to come to this photo shoot. La JJ freaked out about what to wear to get her photo taken with these two NYC Icons. He decided on a red number created by thee legendary Machine Dazzle of the Dazzle Dancers. I remember I got to tease La JJ's hair and it is so much fun to be a stylist! Maybe it's only fun to be a stylist when you are working with the Most Beautiful Tranny In The World. Oh, La JJ.