We Love To Fuck Us

My best friend and room mate Bobo took this picture of me with a cupcake last weekend. I'm acting (in the photo) like I don't care but really I was excited about the cupcake and I immediately ate it. Check out Bobo's ART WEBSITE, too. I'm going to have a zine release party in June to celebrate the new issue of Scorcher, which I am still putting together (in my head). It is going to be released via Birdsong Micropress, and I am very excited. The zine release party is going to be held in a NYC gallery, I am totally excited, and will post more details soon. Hold on to your hats.

Speaking of magazines, I wanted to plug this other cool zine that was forwarded to me recently. TRY STATE MAGAZINE is a new publication that is just now coming out. The first issue features a ton of really cool queer artists, like: Csaba Faludi, ROBBEYOND, Stuart Sanford, Sylvain Norget, Luke GIlford, McKenzie James, Boland, Luigi y Lorca, Mikel Marton, Austin Young, Caroline Torem Craig, Caled Ilda, Lee Harvey Roswell, Drasko Bogdonovic, Vivien Ayrolues & Stefano Marchionini (Entr'ouvert) and Adriano Batista.

On the cover is, of course, Gio Black Peter. I think he is so cool. I met him in 2006 when I was new to NYC. I was performing at the Boysroom and he was working at the bar. He mentioned that he was in a band, too, and was sort of shy and sweet about it. Very humble and down to earth and nice. I had no idea, of course, the extent of his genius. Very shortly after meeting him, Gio ran away to Europe and is now an internationally renowned art star. I think his work is super cool, I say it all the time, and he is very sweet to boot. I hope he becomes really, ridiculously famous. He and I are not really friends in real life or anything, we don't even know each other, but his work feels familiar and relevant. I feel like I know what he's talking about when he says New York City. I'm excited to see this new magazine and specifically to see his work in it. For more information on Gio, check out this really cool interview with him on East Village Boys. And of course I am excited to see my ginger-haired art star boy genius friend Stuart Sanford do, well, anything. I don't know what he has contributed for Try State, but I'm sure it's wonderful, it usually is. He got deported back to the UK, much like my other ginger-haired art star boy genius friend La JohnJoseph. The good ones always do, I guess.


This Saturday, the special one year anniversary issue of BIRDSONG is coming out. There will be a very special reading and performance at Stain Bar in Brooklyn, with an after party chez moi. Do come, if you're in town:

I feel inspired this morning. I had an idea. Or two.