all gone up in smoke

too much fun. too much thinking about everything.

Had a fantastic weekend. Went to see the Star Trek movie with my new boyfriend Matt Nasser. You heard it here first. I thought Spock was so dreamy. I don't want to spoil your experience of the movie, but I will say that I wish there was about 78% more on-screen making out between Spock and Kirk. That's my only complaint. After the movie our lil gaggle of faggles went to five different gay bars. What's that called? Making the rounds.

Saturday I finished two new songs (as in, made them performance ready, not recorded). One is an updated version of the First Song I Ever Wrote, "Stamp to Stick", and the other is a really cute (if I do say so myself) cover of Miss Lydia's "Mechanical Flattery". I wanna put them on the new SOUL2KEEP EP. I also laid out my new zine, and I'm going to actually start making copies this evening. Sister Pico came over at night to get ready to go out. I suggested that we get drunk at home because it's cheaper, so Pico made cosmos. I guess I got drunk. I say "guess" because I don't remember, but I know that when I actually got to the club, James pulled me aside and said "You look like you have a nervous energy. You know, there's no shame in going home alone." For reference, it was 11:30pm. Girl in a hurry.

Sunday Bobo and I got dressed in our absolute chicest clothes (DVF and Louboutitn for her, MiuMiu and Tim Hamilton for me-- yes, this matters. I want you to know that we have very nice clothes and that we are not rich) and went to a sui glamoreuse birthday parity in the east village where famous people may or may not have been. Bobo had to carry me home. At, again, 6pm. Nice!

I have been feeling sort of left-out and weird lately, about the world. I sometimes feel like I'm excluded from my own life. Does that make any sense? I have a real sense of being isolated and not being present. It takes all kinds of forms but mostly feeling really ugly / stupid / untalented / irrelevant. And the way in which I negotiate this feeling, the way I've always negotiated this feeling, was by writing. So I'm very excited to be putting out the new Scorcher.

Here's a really sweet music video.

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