At a party in college Charlie brought in a vaporizer which none of us had ever heard of and we all smoked weed out of a plastic bag (it wasn't really smoke, though) and I had so many ideas I had to write them down on a legal pad. I look at the ideas now and it's really just drawings of snakes.

I wanted to play a game. We'd go around the room saying what animal we'd be. Mel said she would be half pig and half unicorn. Pig front, unicorn back. The game then became about what food would you be? I asked Nick what food I would be. I'd always had a crush on him. He was cute and his birthday is the day before mine and he was sort of slutty or seemed that way. You know, CONFIDENT. I was always too intimidated to ask him out. I asked him, though, what food I would be. He sighed and said "Broccoli." I like broccoli so that was okay, I guess. I asked him why and he said "Hard to take, but you know it's good for you. Y'know?"

Nick said "C'mon! You know what I mean! What food do you think I would be?" I thought about it.

"Chicken pussy."

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