A few years ago my homegirl Cotton was teasing me about how "busy" I was since I had just moved to NYC. He said I should change the name of my band to Mr. Busy. I like that.

Can't really process the last few days, don't know if it makes sense to try.

Go-go danced at QxBxRx. Brontez' fabulous band YOUNGER LOVERS played and were duly amazing. Saturday I also applied for my first passport. Finally. Literally 4 years after I meant to. Mercury turns retrograde this week, but we already feel it's effects. I'm trying to sort of get into the swing of things. I use it as an opportunity to reconnect with people from my past, for instance. It is a good time to fix old problems. I am not writing a ton but I am editing a lot. Organizing. Not signing anything new. You know.

I have a lot of thigns to work on but I am kind of holding back. I'm waiting for the fog to clear before I keep driving, right? I am allowing for the possibility that things will become clear and nice and good.

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PAPS said...

ditto man. the fog has got to clear