Isadora Wing

Personal iconography / superheroines / matriarchs. I'm talking about the idea like Black Mountain College the idea of claiming a lineage. In art of poetry or whatever it is you (think you) do. In claiming a lineage it's just another kind of storytelling only it's also like gossip columns. It celebrates and defiles at the same time. Praise of Isadora Wing. The blonde-haired culturally / ethnically Jewish anxious libertine world of the freak-out (all meanings of the phrase) where I locate myself. Sometimes, today.

We're all blonde and blue eyes (except for Erica Jong), sort of a juxtaposition of Aryan features and Jewish anxiety about Aryan-ness. Maybe it's not fair to lay claim on Judaism here. I'm about as Jewish as Courtney Love. Also, all of us in the pictures are more into Buddhism. Well, Erica's not, but her religion seems to be LOVE more than Judaism. SO we're all spiritualists. And we all think it's ok to be sexual and / or sexy. And we're all punished for that. That's okay too.

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PAPS said...

cool idea w/ the lineage. favorite picture of courtney of all time. is that goldie /??