When you let them

Monday night was the final performance of Dan's Play. We took the set apart and I decided that since we had an unopened bottle of wine as a prop for the show that we drink it. I went with my costars Joseph and Cole to meet up with Jeffery in the East Village at the Tuck Shop. We shared stories about showbiz, it was nice.

We went over to the Boiler Room and no sooner had we perched ourselves in a tiny corner, than an animated tranny bounced in off the street and came right to us to let us know she "gave readings".
She asked us one by one to open our palms so she could tell us our futures. She also asked us what sign we were. Her readings were said really quickly and sort of by rote, making me think that she was just saying things that might correspond to our astrological signs. The way she recited things made it seem like she had simply memorized some factoids about every sign in the zodiac, but isn't that what astrologers do, basically, anyhow? Some of the advice was pretty staid. She told Joseph, a scintillating Scorpio, that he needed to express himself sexually, embrace his sexual identity. Well, duh. She told Cole, a fiery Sagittarius, that he should test his lover, by making him bring Cole flowers and presents and prove his love. Again: duh.

When she got to me she traced her bright red painted and chipped thumbnail along my palm and said gave me some advice about my life or whatever in the same tone of voice that telephone tech support people use. Like it was from a script. Some of the stuff was way off. For example, she told me that as a Leo, I needed to reconnect with nature. If you know me at all, you would know that I absolutely hate nature. Nature and I are not speaking. I mean, I like nature but I don't wanna go camping, or something. Obviously I like the natural world blah blah Gaia.

She did tell me two interesting things, though. She said that I had been an insomniac recently, which is true. Then immediately clarified and said "Well you
thought you were an insomniac and that sleep was missing from your life. In truth you were just dehydrated." This is very exciting for me. I am always so worried about getting enough sleep, I'm terrified of being under-slept. So now I have permission to drink water and stay up all night as long as I drink my magickal H2O. She also said that in my love life, I would need to 'screen' my potential lover, saying "Classical music. Classical music or jazz music. You will meet someone and you need to screen him; find out what kind of books he reads, what kind of movies he likes and what kind of music he listens to. He'll be someone who listens to classical music or jazz. Classical or jazz. Screen him."

I don't know anyone who listens to classical music or jazz. The only records I listen to (in case you haven't been paying attention) are records by Girl Singers and Junkie Singers. Duh.

Mercury Retrograde begins tomorrow, but I've already been feeling it. Mail going to the wrong address, etc. Run into people from my past, to remind me where I've been. My boy life is sort of insane lately. I might be well-served to hold out for a jazz aficionado but we all know that's not going to happen. I need, need to be working on my new zine, Scorcher. I'm almost done writing it, and then soon I'll just whip it together and put it out. Big zine release party June 4th at Envoy Gallery. You heard it here first. Also working on songs for an as-yet-still-imaginary EP, titled "SOUL2KEEP". Cute, huh?

Everything is cute. When you let it be.

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