City Summer Song

I feel like a bellboy. (The luckiest bellboy in NYC. Maybe more like Elevator Girls in Bondage. The real life version. Reality show version). No seriously, it's like I'm spending all my time packing and unpacking. Helping you move to the top of the building. Carrying your shit for you to the top, to the penthouse. Where I work. I'm standing by the foot of your bed holding out my hand coughing. 'Sir, it's customary to tip'. It's okay. I do it for the love of baggage, everything out of goodwill. I shine your shoes with my blood. Tireless, I guess.

Thursday night was the party for East Village Boys @ the Hose. It was so much fun! I wore war water from the botanica shop and did a little thinking on the topic of mental acuity and fortitude and karma. And everything was fine. Great, even. Gio Black Peter performed and did this performance collaboration / live body painting with Scooter LaForge called Amerikill. I introduced Gio's performance, and I was nervous about addressing a crowd. This is a recent fear. Luckily I'm over it already. Anyways, I felt nervous so I got drunk. I had never actually seen Gio do a show before, but I'm pretty sure he covered Adam and the Ants' "Goody Two Shoes". I could be wrong. I had a great time. Some funny pictures of me came out, sneering at boys. Looking like the sourpuss I was valiantly fighting not to be. SO I guess it goes to show you: you can't believe anything you read or see or hear, anywhere. Made out for a bit with an old flame. Summertime moods.

Friday I had the day off of work, and just relaxed. I went to the gym, went grocery shopping. Had a meeting with the Birdsong folks at Sister Pico's abode. Had an early night, I was still recovering from Thursday. They had given out free beer, after all. Stayed in reading Acker's Empire of the Senseless. It's a kind of love story (shut up!) between a pirate sailor and a cyborg terrorist. And of course this makes me think of La JohnJoseph, my soul away from souls, who also likes this book and who is coming soon. I cannot fucking wait.

Saturday I went with Perfect Little Daniel Who We All Love The Most, Sister Pico, and Brandon B. to the NYC Zine Festival. It was kinda overwhelming! So many wonderful zines and books. I got to meet the very sweet folks who run Try State Magazine, as well as pick up my own hard copy, finally. It's so cool! Get it while it's still cheap! Came home to change my clothes and drink very strong coffee and eat chinese takeout.

My room mate Ptrick the Witch and I went to a very chic party in the East Village. I don't need to tell you who was there except they were actual international celebs. When one arrived and everyone on the balcony was cooing, Ptrick just turned to me and shrugged, saying "So what? He's just a person. I'm here, too". Which is true. I had a fabulous time flirting my face off and hanging all over my imaginary boyfriend Matt Nasser. Matt had a really great magick trick he was doing with rubber bands. I was so entranced I made him do it again and again and again. I think people who can do magic are really valuable. In the words ofthe now-dead michael Jackson, "I believe in you. Your magic is real." I feel that way in a really general sense: I believe in your magic, everyone. Matt Nasser also had a really good joke about MJ's passing. I said that I felt really bad for Janet Jackson, and he said "Well, right now she's thinking 'NOW NO ONE ELSE LOOKS LIKE ME!'" Too soon? You decide. I believe in your magic.

At one point I tried really valiantly to get this boy I like to make out with me. And he wouldn't! But we had a good heart to heart in which I feel pretty certain I made my feelings clear. I must have. I made them clear to everyone else in the room, so mister mister's gotta know. Eventually, Ptrick and I (late guests) and Matt and Justin (fabu hosts) lit our sparklers and stumbled uptown to the Hose for the Judy! party. It. Was. A. Madhouse. Entirely. We eventually got in just in time to see the inimitable Lee Kyle performing with a huge fright wig. He covered his face with pink lipstick and ran into the crowd. I was so excited to see him I kissed him on the cheek and continued dancing around. Ptrick turned to me and said "Oh, I think you got some lipstick on you from that guy."
"Oh really? Where?"
"Um, like, all over your entire face, actually". Good thing I was so sweaty! Ptrick and I made it home thanks to the goodwill and magickal medicinal properties of Milk Thistle.

Sunday Bobo, Jiddy, Ptrick and Pico and I all went to the Metropolitan BBQ. It was a really beautiful day and weekend. Summer is finally here. And not a moment too soon.

Events lately have made me feel like this clip:

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