Claw, Teeth

I'm working on two new stories and in both stories I am a cat.

One is a kids story about Lions and Tigers fucking, and crying while they do it (crying because they just love each other that much, that they just weep from happiness and love and joy). It's called JUNGLE.

The other story I'm working on is the next installment of my Psychedelic Porno Poem, CONFESSIONS OF A NAMER. This one is going to be called CAT EATS KITTEN MEAT. It's about being really mean. Almost violent. Emotionally violent, I mean. Emotional cannibalism. Emotional makes it okay because emotions aren't real. That's why.

Thinking, as usual, about mythical creatures and beasts. Obviously thinking a great deal about the Love Cervere. A panther that draws its prey into its lair with it's sweet breath.

Lauren Wilkinson made a pretty cute comic about me, over on the Birdsong site.

Wanted to write some lengthy blog post about my exciting weekend. Hanging out with friends drinking wine and riding the subway, singing. I don't think it makes much sense for me to detail the kind of sex I've been having. Boys in the mornings and in the afternoons (times when it's light out) asking me to explain myself. Who I am, what I do, where the bruises on my legs came from. Hickeys fade. Living a Breeders lyric. That's what early summer feels like to me.

Dominant themes are of whiskers and claws.

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