Last night after work I met up with my old room mate and one of my favorite people, Juneefuh. We went out to dinner at this French restaurant in Chelsea, and got really fancy salads. My food was really good. I'm perversely proud of having eaten as much cheese as I did. I don't know why.

Afterward we went for a walk on the Highline, which just opened. It was sunset and not too crowded at all and so fucking pretty. If you get a chance, go soon. It's really clean and nice right now. For some reason, Nifa and I both sort of felt like it was only a matetr of time before messy New Yorkers sully the place with their (our) chewing gum kids cigarette butts and beer bottles. There's a lot of really beautiful plant life there, which is worth the trip alone. I mean, while I would like to see the Highline maintain it's kind of European Public Werkes clean thing, I also have a distinct urge to take drugs up there and have sex in public. Kettle pot black.

I took a cute photo of Jenny in one of the covered portions of the Highline, where there were all these gorgeous blue lights.

We got popsicles afterward and walked to the train. Kind of a perfect evening. I got the first Throwing Muses album on vinyl in the mail and was really into it last night. So crazy and catchy. Those songs make absolutely no sense at all (at first). It's always such a trip to watch Kristen Hersh play music because it's like... totally effortless and natural-seeming. She seems like it's totally obvious for the song to just become screaming right then, then a second later break into girl-group harmonies. Like, duh, right? I love it.

Late I'm feeling really inspired about living in New York. I got invited to play piano in an upcoming art project / installation, even though I don't really know how to anymore. But I'm practicing! This weekend I have two readings / performances.

Saturday 6/20 I'm going to read at a rooftop benefit for the Hot! Festival in Wburg. Email me: billycheer@gmail.com if you want more info.

Sunday 6/21 is the next Birdsong reading / performance. It's going to be a new venue called Hi!Christina on Grand St. in Williamsburg. Check out the BSONG SITE for more info.

I feel alright about admitting the fact that I do not know exactly what I'm going to read at these things. Probably my new story "Jungle" at the Birdsong event, because that's the story that's in the new issue. I'm not THE MOST proud of it. It's a leftover (B-Side) from the new issue of my zine, it's a love story about Tigers and Lions. I think at the HOT! Benefit I'm gonna read an old story, probably "Brother". Which is about sleeping with a quasi-celebrity. And Every part of me aches to reveal who it is. And I just don't have a good enough platform to do it in.

But the nice thing about the event on Saturday (Hot! Fest benefit) is that there will also be a screening of the first episode of JEFFERY AND COLE CASSEROLE.

I'm really excited for this to be on teevee! I have a small part in the first episode, and I think it's really cool that Jeffery and Cole are on tv. Good things can happen.

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