Formerly Lover Ferocious

The best part of being in love is that it is invisible/magickal/unobservable/secret, and that secretness is between two of you. Scott and I had a lot of inside jokes, and one of them my favorite was this ongoing game called "My Next Boyfriend." The game is that we imagine our next boyfriends, competitively. Who can imagine the better future boyfriend. It is also a way to attack each other without actually criticising each other. So we could do it whenever we wanted and it didn't count as fighting. Just inside joking. Inside, you know? It's just a joke so when it would hurt my feelings Scott would be 'just joking' and I would be 'acting like such a baby' again. It's a deceptively effective game.

Like when I would be a big baby and complain about something, Scott would say something like: "My NEXT boyfriend would never do that, what you just did right now. He would NEVER do that."

Billy: "My next boyfriend won't humiliate me in public. He won't wanna hurt me and embarrass me."

Scott: "Well, my next boyfriend won't be such a baby."

Billy, being mean and cunning: "Well my NEXT boyfriend won't be a Panther. I think I'm gonna only date vegetarians. My next boyfriend? After you, Scott? My next boyfriend's going to be a vegan."

Scott: "My next boyfriend won't care about being 100% vegetarian the way you do, Billy. That won't matter to him cause he'll be really involved with, you know, real activism. Like improving people's lives. He's gonna be in politics. It's gonna be hot."

Billy: "I hope your next boyfriend is really busted, Scott."

Scott: "That's fine. That won't matter to us so much. Cause then I'll be the hot one, so..."

Billy: "My next boyfriend won't have slept with anyone I know and won't know anyone I've slept with. That'll be a nice change."

Scott: "Actually, I hope your next boyfriend has already hooked up with my next boyfriend so that then we can gossip about how bad in bed your next boyfriend is when I'm finally together with mine."

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