Full Moon in Capricorn. Lunar Eclipse.

Tonight I'm going to clean my apartment. Normally when I get off work, if I don't have something to do or someone to meet, I go to the gym or I cook. Not tonight. Tonight I am buying a new mop and cleaning supplies and I am gonna go home and scrub the shit out of the place. I don't know what has possessed me. My little brother is coming into town at the end of the month. And I just feel like I want to live in a clean house. I was reading my Susan Miller horoscope the other day and it warned me about my teeth. I'm terrified of having tooth pains. I don't have dental insurance though, so going to the dentist becomes an ordeal which is maybe the point of the warning. I don't know.

I feel so shitty lately. I don't really wanna talk about it, cause I don't know why. Anyways. Visual perception and thinking in terms of symbols myths recipes.

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pretty random fiesta said...

oh my god. have you ever seen susan miller do her weekly horoscope forecast on demand? she is the most awkward person ever! but seriously as another leo I have had the urge to clean a lot and yesterday I scheduled a dentist appt.