Well. last night was so much much. Joseph Keckler had another of his "Inner Beauty Parlor" events at Envoy Gallery. It was really inspiring and I really enjoyed everyone's performances. Joseph did a piece about his aunt dying and being at her funeral and recognizing people in the crowd from the local gay bar. Erin Markey did a fucking AMAZING piece about Michael Jackson's death. Gerry Visco read a really sweet piece about how to get your mojo back. I read some of my astrolusty pornoscopes. I may post them up here. We'll see. It was the type of evening that made me really FEEL NYC. I wish I could have told teenage Max about it. Like , "hang in there, cause some day you'll get to perform with really talented freaky queer artists and it's gonna all be worth it". Super sweet. I came home and watched a documentary about Patty Hearst and THAT was really inspiring too. So maybe I'm just feeling generally inspired.

I guess that would be a good thing, that feeling, cause tomorrow night is our big reading at Dixon Place.

FAG CITYan evening of queer punk readings by Max Steele, Tommy Pico and Daniel Portland.

The event is THURSDAY JULY 16th at 9:00pm (for real).
At the upstairs lounge at DIXON PLACE.
161 Chrystie St.
It is FREE.

It even got featured in NYC's newest Queer "what-to-do" paper THE GAY LETTER.

We're all really excited about this reading. I'm going to read two short pieces. One by me and one by Kathy Acker. My piece is new and I'm a little scared about reading it. But Dixon Place and the Hot! Festival are all about showing new work and experimenting. So I hope it goes well. Daniel and Tommy are both super talented and I think it's gonna be a really fun event.

And while you're there, stick around afterward to see the VGL GAY BOYS in the opening night of their show JEFFERY AND COLE MAKE IT BIGGER. I am really excited to see what these kids can do onstage. I've been really lucky to have been able to work with them on their smash hit comedy show Jeffery and Cole Casserole and I can't wait to see what their live show is like.

Exciting days.
I'm hungry.

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