Time You Took

Friday night was the big show, O.T.K. Discipline at Starr Space, organized by Gio Black Peter and Brian Kenny. Super cool and a little bit overwhelming. Particular highlights were seeing LEIF do an amazing but too-short set. He is so wonderful. I cannot get over it. A bunch of my friends came, Bobo Jiddy PLD and Kevin among them. Kevin just apparently launched his new website which is pretty exciting. It features his paintings, which I really like. This is "Land of Kevin":

At the OTK show I played piano while Gio and Brian spanked some boys onstage. The OTK Show also had a bunch of movies playing onstage throughout. Art films, movies of boys wrestling. Various psychedelic / sexy imagery. Including footage that was apparently shot at the Metropolitan. Every year for GAG!'s anniversary they do a photo-booth thing, for like mugshots. Evidently last time they were taking video, too. Because I'm watching various Brooklyn luminaries mugging for the camera on this big screen, see at least one ex-boyfriend, then for a second see my own self, drunk, falling off the camera. Trippy! Gio did a really cool and short set, joined onstage by Brian. No Adam and the Ants cover, I'm afraid. I lured my friends into singing backup for me while I did "Intimidation". I think it went well, but there's no way to verify this. Gerry Visco and Joseph Keckler showed up, covering the event, for the press darling. Gerry snapped a cute photo of me which I've typed over.

I'm performing with both of them tomorrow night at Envoy Gallery for Joseph Keckler's Inner Beauty Parlour. I'm going to be reading some of my pornoscopes and go-go dancing in Gerry's piece about getting her groove back. It'll be really sexy and exciting.

My friend Tim, who looks pretty similar to myself and PLD, showed me this pretty cool site. By now probably everyone has already seen it, though. Still worth looking at. Very pleased to see my old buddy Alex Da Corte's photo up there. Hit 'refresh' to get newer images. I think I'm going to re-do my links at the sidebar. Don't get pissed if I take you off. Just saying.

Saturday I go-go danced at QxBxRx. I had a great time. Ran into old old friends and new ones. Too much fun. I am so chatty. I stayed chatty well into Sunday, too.

I gave myself a haircut and I'm going to the dentist tomorrow morning. I'm really nervous about Thursday night. Tommy and PLD and I are performing at DIXON PLACE'S HOT! FESTIVAL SPONSORED BY EAST VILLAGE BOYS POST GALLERY CRAWL HAPPY HOUR. We're doing a reading. We're all still deciding what to read. It's hard! I'm nervous and I have almost no reason to be. How strange.

Yeah. Nervy.

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