Pray Prey

To begin with: my teeth are starting to hurt. I'm simultaneously doing eight things at once. I just want to fix my teeth and have it not completely disrupt my life. Easier said that done. I'm working on it but things are still pretty nasty. I hope I don't get an infection. I'm kind of putting any dental work on hold, though, until after next week, because

this Thursday night I'm performing with Joseph Keckler at the New Museum.

I'm excited. It's really good to have this to focus my energy on while I am working on resolving me tooth drama. It's so bizarre. I'm kind of really level-headed about this show, because I'm in pain and nothing makes you focus like being in pain.

Friday night we had a dinner for Bobo, who is leaving town this week. She's going to go travel the world. No kidding! I'm gonna miss her so much. We ate at Caracas and I had to eat very slowly. I got a really kick-ass milkshake. My night was good. Lazarus came over after and we watched TV.

Saturday I rehearsed and met Bobo for lunch on Bedford. I picked up my prescriptions for painkillers and antibiotics and I am hoping I will not have to use them. Incredibly bored all day. Just did work. Just rehearsed and hung out at the apartment, mostly. Went out with Ptrick and Lazarus to the gaybar but I had taken a painkiller and was passing out just as PLD arrived. Kissed him goodnight bought a candybar and went to bed.

Yesterday I woke up, went to the gym, had a panic attack about my teeth, called my mom and felt a bit better. I rehearsed my show twice. I met up with Joseph Keckler up at Columbia, where we did a radio interview for our show with the divine miss Gerry Visco. I think I may want to do a "Style Icon" piece of Gerry. She's such a scream. You probably know her if you run in the cool circles in NYC. She was introduced to me by Joseph Keckler and she met him by doing an intervie with La JohnJoseph. Fitting, I guess. La JJ is pretty much the key to the universe. Anyway here's Gerry lookin cute as always.

I arrived ahead of Joseph and it was a fucking downpour. We all got soaked, walking 20 feet to Gerry's office. Joseph works with Gerry sometimes and I'm totally jealzies! It looks like so much fun. We all dried off and had a little chitchat over gin and tonics before heading over to the studio, where we recorded an hour of conversation for what will be edited down to 30 minutes of interview. To be perfectly honest, I was kind of hungover from my pills the night before and pretty upset about my teeth situation and nervous about the show and in a really bad mood yesterday. But I had so much fun with Joseph and Gerry, it totally cheered me up. It was like benig in some alternate universe where everyone is smart and sexy and cool and people are possible. Hanging out with them is literally like being in a Francesca Lia Block book. You know, a world in which everyone is a cool girl. Except they don't smoke. Maybe no one in Francesca Lia Block's books smoke either, come to think of it. The books do take place in California, where absofuckley nobody smokes. Anyways, with J & G I had a great time. I came home ate noodles and went to bed.

Tonight I'm just reharsing and doing laundry and praying that my teeth hold up for the show on Thursday.

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Cyd said...

I don't know who these mythical californian non smokers you are talking about are - we just don't smoke inside. I read your zine and it was really really really good. I sucked it all in 4am on the subway home with mason and it kept me not only away but enraptured