To begin with: I had a really great birthday party. Friday I turned 25 and it was surreal. Paps hosted it, and all of my favorite people were there (well, with one exception). Chantal and Jiddy and Tommy made me and Jess a really beautiful cake with our faces drrawn on it and decorated with my favorite candy Good and Plenty. It was so cool! I got a ton of presents, none of which I deserve but I felt really special. I really watched my alcohol intake and I didn't get as messy as I usually do, so I feel like it was a smashing success. I didn't get laid, but it was my birthday and that's stressful and then again I got laid the next night, so go figure. Here's a picture of me and Roy playing with our eyebrows at the party:

Saturday I went record shopping and got a lot of really cool stuff for really cheap.

I had the house to myself and I made fresh pesto (my favorite meal since I was a baby-- it's a summer thing). I felt really good. As I was walking home I just thought "things, right this second, are really good". These things are fleeting it was nice to get them down. I took a nap and got sexy to go-go dance at QxBxRx. it was so much fun! Lots of fun new people and old friends and everything. The go-go boys had these really cool gold glitter mustaches and they gave me one, too. Here's a photo of me comparing my glitter one to Lee Kyle's real burly sexy one:

After the party, went with Diego Tommy and PLD to Brooklyn. Had a romantic birthday rendezvous with an old flame. Sunday was easy and quiet and nice. I spent sunday morning as if at church, eating sacred secret foods (not all recipes are ones I can share), burning the new secret incense that Thain gave me for my birthday, smoking on my roof and reading about the amazing Conlon Nancarrow. Met up with the same pack of feral faggots, we watched bands in the park and walked around and generally took it easy enjoying the cloudy day. I spent most of the time eating as much as humanly possible, because this morning at 9am:

They pulled the rest of my tooth out. It's not the worst thing in the world, but it's exactly as bad as it looks. They didn't even give me any pain pills, so I've had to dip into my own private stash. I'm home watching teevee and trying to use the powwer of my mind to heal my mouth. I don't want to complain (why do I say that? it's a blog, you people don't care if I complain) but this fucking hurts. Dear Small Children: although my dental nightmare has been not at all my fault and largely unavoidable, please don't ever do anything that would necessitate an extraction in your "adult" life. Adult being 25 years old or older. When my dentist (I refuse to call her a student because it opens cans of worms) was having a difficult time numbing me she wondered aloud why that was. While I do not identify as a redhead or ginger as such, Gingerine do run in my family and now at least I have an explanation for why everything hurts so fucking much. Hopefully, I will be all set to go to Berlin at the end of the month, with what will be mostly symbolic damage.

My summer:

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Dusty St. Amand said...

I LOVE that last image. I'm kind of a dentophile. All of these teeth posts are pretty stimulating.