Tonight I'm performing with the VGL Gay Boys in their new show at Joe's Pub. In the show are thee Legendary Rachel Shukert, Erin Markey, Moi, and of course Jeffery Self and Le Grand Dame Mme. Cole Escola. I am really happy and excited to be included in this cast. Everyone in the show is really inspiring and it's so much fun. If yr reading this, please try to come to it.

Jeffery and Cole have made a new video, check it out:

And then Saturday, I am really excited to be go-go dancing, reunited with my genius friend Richert onstage as the official QxBxRx go-go boys. Also, one of my absolute favorite NYC bands, Tayisha Busay, is performing. This is going to be literally crazy. I don't want to give away anything about their set, it's been a while since I've seen them (the last time I saw them, teen heartthrob Brandon LaLaVek had not yet joined the group full-time). All I will say is that the last time I saw them the show involved a limbo contest and fresh pizzas were delivered mid-set, just as lead singer Tayisha started rapping "Have you ever had a pizza?! It's so warm and cheesy!" over and over again. I lost my shit. The Party Ice and I have played with them a couple of times before and it is just too much fun. I can't wait.

Then Sunday I'm gonna sleep a lot. Right? Right.

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