Last night I came into your home to break some ice and throw some stones.


Some things I'm thinking about using my eyes.

Laura and Alba Zapatero, daughters of Spain's Prime Minister. This is not the extreme goth radical chic that everyone is making it out to be, but they are super cute and inspiring.

Finally found the dream Comme des Garçons glossy black limited edition neon teal interior wallet for well under $100 and I got it and it really does make me happy. Happy-ish. Happier than before I had it. I guess. Whatever. Fuck your mother.

Combining this week's themes of Japanese design and kooky political families, Miyuki Hatoyama is so totally in my thoughts lately. She's the wife of Japan's new Prime Minister, a very snappy dresser who also dabbles in design, and also is into really freaky woo-woo stuff like intergalactic psychic travel and meeting celebrities in past lives. Yes, Miyuki! Ex-fucking-actly! IIIIIII know!

Ambular. A perennial favorite and daily inspiration to me. Like, to a probably delusional extent. I really identify with this character. One of the things that I most identify with both myself and the fictional character originated by Elisa Donavan known affectionately as Amber is that in one episode of the much-underrated TV show "Clueless", there are free tickets to some Luscious Jackson concert, and Amber makes a grossed-out scrunched-up face, says something to the effect of "Ew I hate Luscious Jackson". Then, through the twists of fate that could only befall glamorous Beverly Hills girls, Amber winds up getting a ticket to the concert and totally loves it. [SIDENOTE: In this episode I remember Amber sort of vogue-ing along to the band in the concert scene and if memory serves (it probably does) she was wearing some kind of bodysuit and I remember thinking that it was very Lady Miss Kier-inspired, just noticing notes as I hear them played, people). So that's one thing Amber and I have in common: we both act like we're too cool to get into Luscious Jackson. But secretly? We're also both really into Luscious Jackson.

Sunday afternoon I met with the kids to do a photoshoot of the Birdsong collective folks. While we were on the roof of the McKibbin Lofts setting up a big group shot I ran over to the graffiti'd wall and started posing cause it reminded me of the Natural Ingredients cover art and my good friend, amazing visual artist and Certified Beautiful Person Isabelle Payne-Rancier snapped this photo of me, posing.

Over / out.

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