Mercury Retrograde is supposed to be the worst today. It's like an ozone warning in Australia or a smog forecast in Los Angeles. You wouldn't think they'd be able to measure that, but they can and do predict them. Today is unlucky. The 13th. Sara Winchester and I take different approaches: I won't let it in my house, personally I try to avoid it but anyways, today, here it is. I'm not gonna wear any black.

The weather is really weird. I'm listening to Dusty in London.

Feeling like I was really identifying with the song "I Start Counting" then realized I had no idea what that song is about, it's sort of nonsensiccal and Dusty is singing it so convincingly, and I know from my readings about Dusty Springfield that she always felt she had to be really emotionally invested in a song, the emotional impact of the lyrics, she felt, were crucial for her to give a good performance. She would do hundreds of takes of songs to get it "just right". So what is "I Start Counting" about? My first thought is of course: SUICIDE! I always envisioned doing a drag routing to this song as Dusty Springfield cutting her arms when she's counting because that's what I envision the lyrics to have meant to her. I have absolutely no idea why that is. I was sitting on my roof with the weather changing very quickly, feeling glamorous and young / free and sexxy. The sky and stars and weather are pulling something out of the ground like the opposite of when lightning puts nitrogen in, something's sucking our nitrogen out of the atmosphere it's like the Santa Ana winds in California (makes people go insane).

I think I might be going insane.

found on the internet:

"Tall, lean vgl guy ... 6'1", 175, br/br, masculine ... looking to hang out, play around, whatever. I tend to be on the more submissive side, so guys that are at least my size are preferable; otherwise, i feel weird having a little guy trying to dominate me. Lol. Hmmm, what else ... I love guys with some hair on their chests and a nice happy trail, and I am a sucker for a hottie in tight briefs. Not looking for friends here, just someone to fuck around with. Thanks :) Uncut latins to the front of the line :O *Boyfriend and I are visiting NYC from the 20th until the 24th. ME:6'1", 175,BR/BR,MASC,BTM
HIM: 6'0",170,BR/BR,MASC,DOM TOP, 8"uc "

makes me feel crazy, too. things like that.

just in time for an unlucky day, Tim gives us a tank top of our mantra.


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