Oh yes, Jeremy Scott.
These looks will soon be coming to a Kylie Minogue music video near you, and It Girl Johnny Makeup has already been photographed with the new stuff in hand. Why does this shit rock? Let's get into it: it's nostalgia (in a post-irony sense), cartoon-y clubkid wear, a nod towards the recession and it's reappropriation of the word "luxury" (it's fake fur, darling, designer fake fur patterns). It's adolescent on the outside but made for girls who have already fallen from grace. It's fucking ridiculous and almost unwearable, but any attempt to pull off these looks would qualify as super cute. I am super duper into it. I especially love the denim shorts that are short in front but long in the back. They're like capes for your legs. The tiger-print pants that Mr. Scott wears at the end of the show remind me of NYC's favorite historicist, Joseph Keckler's style. Begin transmission.

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