We are lines, too little

So I went to the gym after work and now I feel a lot better.
Last night I watched Derek Jarman's Sebasitane. My spiritual adviser La JohnJoseph would not stop talking about it one night when we were in Berlin, and now I know why: that movie is 80% 1970s butt footage. No wonder he likes it! It's a cute movie, but I hate watching anyone get tortured ever.

Anyways. If you're in NYC this weekend, please be sure to head up to PS1 for the NEW YORK ART BOOK FAIR. I have been asked to contribute a new mini-zine in a limited edition of 100 for my pen pal Darin's "Box of Books". Go check it out! Here is the cover of the zine, Lingua, lovingly folded by me and PLD.

Familiar, no?

Been thinking again lately about Switchblade Symphony. I've already gone into how inspirational they were to me, but I recently found this really cute interview clip with them online:

Sidenote: Doesn't Susan Wallace totally look like a darkwave version of Bernadette Peters?

I remember going to see them perform a lot and always being really into the fact that other than a vintage Switchblade Symphony one, the only sticker on Susan's keyboard was this:


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