Encourager notes

I called my best friend back home, she was asleep cause it's three hours earlier there, and I woke her up to tell her about you. About what you did the other day. She already know who are, because I talk about you all the time.

The other day I ran into a friend of yours on the train and I gave him a big hug, even though we're not very close or anything, cause I was so excited to see him cause it made me think about you. It was so embarrassing but I don't care.

It's like I'm jealous of you, cause you get to be you. But then I know that if we switched positions like in Freaky Friday, I wouldn't be able to do a good enough job being you. You make it look easy. And anyways I'd be unhappy if we switched, I'd still rather be me, who gets to hang out with you. But you do make it look like being you is fun.

I want to learn how to spray-paint really fast, y'know? And I wanna get really good sneakers so I can climb fences, cause I want to write graffiti about you all over town. In neon spraypaint.

I want everyone to know.

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