Last night I went to go see this installation project by my friend Conrad Ventur called This Is My Life (Shirley Bassey). It's at this really cool and very, very small gallery in the Lower East Side called Forever & Today. I think it might actually be the smallest gallery in NYC. We had to go in three people at a time it's so small.

But it is absolutely, definitely worth waiting in line to see Conrad's installation. I met him cause he writes Useless Magazine. His installation uses videos and crystals and very soft carpeting. Without giving too much of the installation away, it was a really sweet way of interrogating pop culture and iconography, and of course, Dame Shirley Bassey. If I could move into this piece and live there forever, I would. Highly recommended.

Excellent date spot.

Conrad Ventur: This Is My Life (Shirley Bassey)
November 19 - December 20 2009
Forever & Today
141 Division St. NYC
Thursday-Sunday 12-6PM

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