Indie Rock Cred

Here's PAPS, the toughest urban appalachian balladeeresses in NYC:

This is basically what heaven is like, right? Hanging out with two cool rock chicks, just jamming at home. Loving Jiddy's leggings / sweatpants in this video. And Jess Paps, gorgeous as always. I listen to their records more than is really appropriate considering we're friends. But I'm such a fan! It's creepy.

Jiddy has an art show coming up next Friday 12/4 with my friend Isabelle Rancier at this cool gallery space in Brooklyn. I will post more about it soon but clear your schedules.

Today is also Cole's Birthday. Happy Birthday, Cole!
Here's a drawing he made for me once.

Isn't it so great? I wanna put it in my zine. Cole, as you know, is a woman of many talents, including visual arts.


Also, let's hang out, and I'll tell you all the things you've been waiting for me to say. You didn't think I would, but I do and can and will.

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