Possibly one of my Favorite Movies, Ever. And I'm not really into movies-- I just don't think I have the attention span for them, sitting through a two-hour 'masterpiece' sometimes feels like reading a huge book all at once. I don't even have the attention span for an entire TV show. An entire song. But Lick the Star, Sofia Coppola's 1998 gem, has always been a favorite. It always reminds me of Style Icon JESS PAPS, I think because it's such a wonderfully generous view into the world of the Tough Girl. Almost everything about this movie is perfect and I love it a lot. It has mean girls terrorizing dumb jock-y boys, full-on revenge fantasies, an actual secret girl conspiracy, and a soundtrack by the Kims Gordon and Deal. And I'm so glad the whole thing is on YouTube. Check it out.

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