And then I'll be done writing pickup lines in public (for today). I don't mean for anyone to feel left out. The opposite effect is happening. I'm trying to connect with you and make you feel really special but I think by doing that on the internet it's maybe backfiring but I can't help it.

And also wanted to get down an early draft of one of the ways I'm planning on telling you about it: I'm really bad with money. I wasn't raised with money or anything, I'm not rich. Basic economic principles elude me entirely. I have no talent for wealth. But when I am thinking about you-- really thinking hard about you and your life and the trajectory you're probably going to take (I fantasize about your future), I get excited. I may not ever be able to play the stock market, I will never win big at a casino, cause I'm really scared of gambling. But I happen to know that right now you're a good investment.

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