Good Omen

When I arrived in Berlin this summer I hadn't slept all night. I was too excited to sleep on the plane to London, and too nervous to make it through without missing my flight to Tegel. When I finally arrived, I was delirious. My wonderful host Irene took me to the apartment in Kxberg where I'd be staying. All I knew was that somewhere, La JohnJoseph (who I hadn't laid eyes on in a year) was at his friend Stevie's apartment, somewhere in the neighborhood. He had told me that his phone had run out of juice, and that there were no keys to the apartment, so he couldn't leave. So my job was to go to him, somewhere on Orianenstrasse, and rescue him. Irene left me to shower, and went to meet someone for dinner. She pointed me in the direction of La JJ and Stevie's apartment, saying it wouldn't be far. I was underslept and terrified. I was literally alone on the other side of the planet for the first time in my 25 years. I managed to find the apartment, just barely (a very nice butch German dyke helped me in clipped englisch). When I got to the door to the building, I found this note, which I have saved.

I looked at the clock on my phone, and saw that it was just about 5:30. I stood outside of the building and stared up at the sun. Then suddenly I saw a tall, beauteous figure with flaming red hair and tight purple cutoff shorts. It was La JJ, who was just finishing up a date with a German mathematician. And I ran into the middle of the street, screaming, to hug her. And then we went out for pizza, Gauloises, pastries and very strong espresso.

I really love this momento, and I just happened to find it again today.


Anonymous said...

Amazing...i love those little souvenirs that bring you back to a certain moment.

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