I saw a Chelsea fashion granny walking two chihuahuas this morning, a boy and a girl. The girl was bigger than the boy. They were both wearing sweaters.

A few weeks ago I was at a dinner party talking to this really great guy named Matty. He's a Leo like me, we look kind of similar (we're both gorgeous everyone thinks so). We have sort of lion / cat faces. Way sexy. Anyways we were all talking about having hangovers, since it was a party and we were all drunk. And Matty was talking about how having a hangover makes him feel sexy, horny, randy, whatever you want to call it. I smiled and nodded but I didn't really believe him. But now I do. God. Walking to work this morning was so fucking difficult because I have such a boner for the world right now. I literally want to make out with and make love to literallty everyone. Crazy people, homeless people, mean-faces ladies with thinning hair chainsmoking outside the bakeries they work at, guys in camo pants selling newspapers. I want to have all of your babies inside of me. Seriously. Whoa.

What do you guys think of the name ACTRESS for my new DJ Name or the name of a band? It's officially my idea copyright me so don't steal it, but it'd be a good name, right? Does anyone wanna join the band ACTRESS with me?

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Stay-At-Home-Dan said...

i want to be in every band with you. you know this. but we can't practice cuz whenever you take a break at work i have to cover you on phones. we can never take a break together. that is my new reason why we're not in a band. conflicting break schedules!