More Love Notes Between Us Both

I love you because you're so obstinate. You are being totally tough and withholding with me. You're going to make me work so hard, and that's totally okay with me. I don't like to brag, but I've always been a Straight-A student. I'm a really good test taker. Watch.


Just generally. She gave me a really good pep talk the other night. It was so out-of-nowhere. Pash and I have been pen pals since... 2003? We used to have this big group blog where a bunch of us would write about specific topics. And Pash(ly)'s music is really important to me. Please go to her Myspace page and give a listen. The remix of "Morning Sun" she just put up is really trance-hop-y and gorgeous. But today specifically I've been thinking about sartorial and philosophical stance posed by Pash(ly):

This is really interesting to me on a number of levels.
A) Pash(ly)'s gaze in the photo.
B) Invoking a sense of "backlash", Pash(ly) is a modern woman, think abotu why she's using this.
C) "Lash Back" references both the glamour of eyelashes (which figure in her performance work) as well as echoes of the early 1990s activist slogan "Queers Bash Back". But "Lash" as a verb is an interesting choice-- the whip is an interesting tool of counter-oppression, 'lash' as eyelashes seeming to imply that the backlash, our struggle against conformity and a hedgemony, could be accomplished by batting our eyelashes, too.

It's all true. I love this so much. I want to make this shirt.

And then, tonight there's this:

And then also check out FIVE QUESTIONS WITH MAX STEELE.

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