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Such a great weekend.

Friday afternoon, though, I went to the dentist. As readers of this blog may know, I went to get a filling on tooth number 5 earlier this summer. Due to a freak accident, tooth number 4 (right next to it) was broken and had to be removed. We didn't get to the filling that day. I cannot get an implant to replace number 4 until I have had tooth number 5 filled. I was told that tooth number 5 in fact needed a root canal and crown, not a simple filling. So I went to the doctor to begin my root canal. After drilling for a few minutes, my saintly dentist stopped and took off her glasses and said.

"Well, we've taken out the decay and we haven't reached the pulp." Gross, but very encouraging. The difference, readers, between a root canal and a filling is that if the decay in a tooth reaches the pulp (the blood vessels and nerves inside all of our teeth), then the pulp needs to be extracted, medicated and thus is a root canal. HOWEVER, when doing my filling, my dentist said we had NOT reached the pulp which means that i DIDN'T NEED A ROOT CANAL AND CROWN. Now, we were CLOSE to the pulp. So I may well end up needing a root canal anyways, but as of right this second I don't. And that is pretty fucking great. Here's hoping.

Friday night, feeling my new lease on life, I went with Bobo to her company's xmas party at a fancy restaurant in wburg. Had champagne and gourmet foods and good times. Jotted uptown to meet up with Jeffery and Cole, where we shared our philosphies on life and love and drank white wine and chitchatted.

One highlight of the weekend was Jeffery and Cole showing me this amazing clip. I admitted a certain lack of knowledge, experience about Judy Garland and Barbara Streisand, and they showed me this. I once saw the inimitable Glenn Marla read a piece he had written about taking home a drag queen and them negotiating sex together. Glenn referred to the encounter at one point as "The Dance of Two Tops, which is arguably more interesting than the Dance of Two Bottoms". This clip made me think of that. Kind of beautiful, no?

In response to this, I showed the boys my own reference point for this kind of onstage double-diva interaction:

O PJ, icon to femme tops everywhere. Friday night went on well into Saturday. For most of the real day Saturday I did chores, cooked and cleaned. I went to QxBxRx to go-go dance along with Lusty J and Nick Gorham, two total faves. MKNG FRNDZ performed, it was Tami's birthday. it was such an amazing show.

A really great time, all weekend. Really, just... amazing.
Ok. Back to work.

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