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First of all, I interviewed Gerry Visco. She is a real inspiration to me, and I am lucky enough to know her. Her interview responses are really smart and funny, please check it out at the Birdsong Blog.

Friday night I was really exhausted and stayed in to work on stuff. I am really struggling with a story I am writing for my reading with Dan Fishback at Dixon Place next week. I was up all night at home Friday working on this, eventually gave up and went to sleep.

Saturday morning, I started work on the story again, and everything just immediately fell into place. I still have some editing and fine-tuning to do, but all the basic components are there. It is so rare and so nice when that happens. It often takes a great deal of work for me on any given project before I have a clear sense of what I'm doing. Only after a couple of weeks of writing something, will a pattern emerge. Not a pattern, but like the logic problem of what I'm working on.

Everything I do is a logic problem, and even if I don't solve it, recognizing it takes some time.

Saturday afternoon I had coffee with my old college pal Marcus, then went home to nap and get ready. Ptrick the Witch, Sister Pico, Perfect Little Daniel and I all went over to the Cake Shop for QxBxRx. I was joined on go-go duty by the orignal QxBxRx go-gos, my lovely friends Richert and Johnny Darling. It was so much, probably too much fun. Very late night, I didn't get home until 6:30am.

Sunday Morning Ptrick had his lovely coworker Veronica over. He made the fanciest, most gourmet pancakes ever (whole wheat with dark chocolate, walnuts and dried cherries) for brunch, and we had mimosas to wake up. Tate, Ana and Joe came over to shoot the rest of the music video for "Pick-Axe & Shovel". I think it's going to turn out really beautiful. Too beautiful, in fact. I'm really self-conscious about how I sound singing on the track (which is, admittedly, a bit old). But maybe it'll be one of those things where the video is so good it saves the song, right? Right.

Also, that song, while I really love it, is from a different era. I remember very clearly writing it when I was 18, on the cello. At the time, I had just gotten to college, and was playing as many shows as possible. I went to a really small school, so it'd basically be the same 20-30 people coming to any given show I did, which was usually a couple every month. I don't remember what show it was, but I remember putting together my set in the music building, where I would practice, every night, feverishly. As I was tallying my songs, I thought "Fuck, I need another cello song, almsot all my other songs are on my casio and I want it to be 50/50." So I very quickly put together the melody, and the words (a mining story as a metaphor for heartbreak) came pretty quick, for once, and I have performed it at almost every show since then. It eventually became an electropop song once I stopped playing the cello in public. But more than that, I was really sad when I wrote it. And I'm not sad anymore. At least not about that stuff.

I've sort of gotten over you, and I am almost sorry about that.
But now I am ready to get into everything and everyone else.

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Amelia said...

good to know someone was really sad at 18. everyone I see is having the best time ever. I feel so unappreciative. happy you got to write such a pretty song can't wait for the vid.