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First of all, I'm giving a reading tomorrow night at Dixon Place. Please come. I'm medium nervous about it. I'm reading with the always-lovely Dan Fishback who will be debuting some new text from an upcoming performance piece, thirtynothing. I'm going to be reading the "Postcard from Fag City" piece that appeared in Brontez' zine Fag School Issue #2. I'm also reading a new piece called "OUT WITH CHAINSAW". It's the newest installment of my weird serial memoir Confessions of a Namer. It's pretty long and I'm really nervous to share it so let's see how it goes, yeah?

Had a really nice weekend, after all. Saturday night we went to the super fun That's My Jam! and got groovy. Before that, though, my BFF BOBO and I hung out in the afternoon. We processed and smoked in central park and went to the Museum of Natural Herstory to look at fantastic creatures. Bobo looked mass cute, too:

Obviously I made us go to the African Mammals exhibit and there was a big crowd of people around the Lions diorama. But it wasn't like a family or a class or something, various people who all didn't seem to know each other flocked to it. As I was pondering this, a little girl (she couldn't have been more than five) walked by, sticking her chest out, and screamed "WOOT WOOT! WHERE MY LEOS AT! WASSUP!" and beat a cute little peace symbol formed from her chubby little fingers, against her chest. I thought 'Oh yeah, Leos come to stand by the lion exhibit, duh'.

Also learned a little bit about trees and I just love this one.

Always and forever listening to Deee-lite. I think, for obvious reasons.

Thinking about the potential of Diamond Icebergs Floating In Seas of Liquid Diamond on Neptune.

Also thinking about THIS FUCKING VIDEO:

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