Giant Ball of Rock

So whatever. Here was my Wednesday, here are the tools from Wednesday afternoon:

This is what the dentists have put into my face.

It hurt exactly as much as you would think it would. Maybe slightly less. I'm told that my facebones are soft, so instead of three months, they're hoping for four months before the next surgery. If everything goes well and I heal quickly, then I can have my new tooth fully installed an operational by August. Which will have been a year. In the meantime, I have to give up smoking (forever-- nicotine, anyways) and drinking until my stitches heal. Vicodin is helping.

Yesterday I got a really sweet e-mail from one of my favorite painters, Sam McKinniss. The email said: "This painting is dedicated to you. Yours truly, "Lolita" 2010, oil on canvas, 12 x 14 inches. xo hope your face feels OK."

This really cheered me up, a lot. I totally love this painting. (Obviously). Sam is a really inspiring artist and I am so glad to know him. You guys should all check out his blog and also the cute interview he gave me for EVB.

Also right before I went to the dentist, I saw the new Spring 2010 couture collection from Alexis Mabille. Which is gorgeous and, I think, has personal significance to me (since I just had surgery pretty much shutting down half of my mouth). Mr. Mabille said that his inspiration for this collection is the phrase "Graphic Surgery". Fitting, no?

And I think it is also worth mentioning that Alexis Mabille is Fucking Gorgeous and I want him to be my boyfriend.

(Let me fix yr tie, let me count yr stripes, Tigertown).

Here's a really cute video of Alexis talking about his work. There's a close-up, thank god, on his mouth.

You're welcome.

Tonight is a Full Moon. A really big, special, bright one. I am thrilled about this. I'm not really feeling good, in my mouth or in my heart, but I am excited for tonight's Moon.

one of my all-time favorite song's about the moon:

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