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Maybe it's because I work in Chelsea or something. It is, though, sort of nice in a kind of surreal way to live in a city where, twice a year in the weeks leading up to Fashion Week(s), very tall and very thin girls with huge binders full of photos of themselves, and no English language skills, get hopelessly lost in the streets of Manhattan. It's sort of humanizing, in a way. Not that they're not human-everyone's human. But it's nice to see pretty people lost. Male models just keep their binders full of photos in their backpacks. They wear loose clothing, basketball shorts and baggy jeans, because they know that they will just have to take off their clothes when they get to the next casting. We like our boy models naked, because we're still living in a culture that celebrates the male physical form as some kind of ideological triumph. Yawn.

Last night I had dinner with my friend Jason at a french restaurant. It was really great. We went to the Metropolitan where Tami from MKNG FRNDZ was DJ-ing ladies night. We drank beers and watched people start the dance party and Tami played really good records. It'd never occurred to me to play Deee-Lite's "Heart Be Still" at a dance party. I feel like I really just heard that song for the first time last night.

I think Infinity Within is such an underrated album. It's not, like, the nightclub-y underground funk parade that World Clique is, and it's not the Mystical Raver Liberation Adventure that Dewdrops in the Garden is. Infinity Within is totally their 1960s protest record.

I'm thirsty. For Pucci.

Also last night in the midst of Jason and I comparing notes about theories of quote love unquote, I went to the bathroom and it was dark and I was a little in my cups so I had to steady myself against the wall of the bathroom and I noticed that there is some graffiti about me, there, on the wall, in the mens room. I don't know how I feel about it. It's either very sweet or very horrible and either way I don't think it needs to be there. Weird! I guess I should say, rather, "RANDOM!"

Tonight I'm going to visit the inimitable Walt Cessna to take photos and probably gossip about our favorite aesthetics. I have a bag full of polka dots, I'm not gonna lie. This weekend I am go-go dancing and shooting more of the video and probably, I hope, sleeping some.

And working on my new story, and thinking about how much I want to kiss you.

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Miss Thing said...

hello! i'm one of the prayers for children editors & i also enjoy yr blog. i had to come & say um YES infinity within is awesome & i am always so happy to see some love for deeelite happening as they are an all time favorite of mine! xo gina