More Roses

Tomorrow Bobo, Perfect Little Daniel and Ptrick the Witch and I are all going to Philly. I'm super excited. All of the bands in this show feature Fire Signs. PLD and Ptrick are both Tauruses, and Bobo's a Virgo. I am into Earth signs, too.

Maybe I'm just into everything. For a change!

Also thinking about:

I am sad and surprised like everyone else about Alexander McQueen's passing. I remember when Bobo blogged about this collection, and I thought it was really sweet. Bobo is a total style hero of mine, but rarely wants to comment on the world of 'high fashion'. I thought her post was sweet.

Some romance advice from a session with Bobes.

all you got to do from Danielle Rosa on Vimeo.

I dunno, guys. I'm going to a fashion show tonight and really excited about that.
Gonna go to whole foods for lunch.
Live a little, you know?

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